What is Voice over the Internet (VoIP)?

With a VoIP system your calls travel across the Internet as opposed to traditional copper lines. VoIP is more time and cost efficient than traditional lines. VoIP is simply transmitting phone calls and services across the Internet. A VoIP phone system works exactly like your regular office phone but with many, extended complimentary features. With Digital Cloud Voice, the Digital Cloud Co manages and delivers these features to customers, allowing access to a wider range of services than previously available.

The fact is, VoIP costs much less than traditional methods of telephony, which is a powerful incentive for most businesses. Additionally, Digital Cloud Voice services brings you a whole host of other benefits and is the perfect complement to our Hosted Windows Desktop service, giving you and your clients affordable access to a comprehensive fully mobile, state of the art business infrastructure on demand. And there is no traditional premise based on equipment, making it easy and affordable to expand as your business grows.

• Easy & Inexpensive
• Unified but location independent
• Advanced features not found with old technology
• Scalable to meet your needs now and in the future
• Supported