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Edgemarc Features

   > VoIP Prioritization

   > Packet Inspection Firewall

   > Plug and Dial

   > Call Quality Monitoring

   > Integrated Solution

The Edgemarc:
Setting DCC Ahead of the Competition

What is an Edgemarc?

An Edgemarc is a completely integrated VoIP and network solution. Shown below, it replicates the features of your current firewall, router, traffic shaper, switch, and more. It contains all these features and more: the ability to allow call prioritization and quality of service for VoIP traffic.

Key Features

  • Several form factors, scale
  • VoIP survivability
  • SIP, H.323 support
  • Automated phone configuration
  • Call quality monitoring, MOS prediction
  • Raw quality statistics (jitter, latency, etc,)
  • VoIP and Video over IP prioritization
  • Traffic shaping, Diffserv, Policing, Call Admission Control (CAC)
  • Stateful packet inspection firewall
  • VoIP protocol aware NAT/firewall
  • SNMP, telnet, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, Radius
  • Syslog external and local reporting
  • PING, traceroute, TCPdump utilities
  • Plug & Dial
  • Integrated FXS/FXO
  • Expandable up to 4, T1's using MLPPP or MLPPP/FR
  • Integrated IAD/gateway for analog and PSTN connectivity
  • Integrated WiFi

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