Video Surveillance

Need to Keep a Watchful Eye? Digital Cloud’s IP Video Surveillance service is just what you need.

With high quality video surveillance from Digital Cloud comes real-time threat detection with motion sensors and autorecording. IP Video Surveillance is extremely cost efficient versus traditional analog technology. You’ll receive guard level security at 1/5 the price! For your convenience, you can view your camera locally, remotely from your mobile device, or from any Internet connected device – anywhere. We can even set a text alert for important events allowing you to immediately view the applicable camera.

Digital IP cameras are far superior to traditional analog and plug into any Internet connection anywhere in your office. Digital Cloud’s IP cameras offer greater picture resolution, ultra-clear low light surveillance, and economical cabling over analog options. In addition, our surveillance solution can be integrated with our Hosted PBX Telephone System. We will customize your individual design to take full advantage of the advanced technology of Digital IP cameras.

  • Real-time threat detection with motion sensors & auto recording.
  • View your camera locally ore motley from any Internet-connected device.
  • Store video locally or remotely.
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